Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Greatest Mitzvah of Helping Others and Buying Great Art

This will be a short post because what I really want for you to do is to go to this web site and see the most amazing art:

Here is the story. Five and a half weeks ago, I broke my shoulder. For the past three weeks -- once we returned from Israel, I have been going for physical rehabilitation. Displayed in the halls of the hospital where I go for rehab is one of the most amazing and HEARTWARMING art exhibits I have ever seen. I love to frequent art shows and really like good art.

What is so unique about this art show is that all of the wonderful and creative artists are disabled -- from Traumatic Brain Injury to blindness, amputees and paralyzed artists, chronic pain sufferers and multiple sclerosis, and so many more. THIS IS THEIR THERAPY and as a result, their creativity and love of life as they know and wish it comes forth. The colors are vibrant, the textures amazing (particularly from one of the blind artists) and these artists are nothing less than inspirational not to mentioned talented.

Maimonides teaches that the highest form of TZEDAKAH is to enable another to work. Here we have a great opportunity. The art pieces are not exorbitantly expensive and yet are as beautiful and rich and begging for your interpretation as those produced by the professional artists I see in my art show outings.

The show closes June 24th so you have the week to go to the site and look at this wonderful art. It will give you instructions on how to make purchases if you wish to. You can click on pieces in which you are interested to see a larger representation of it. I am not one to buy art on line but I will tell you, these pieces are amazing. There is also a phone number to call for further information.

So if you are looking for art and want to do a wonderful Mitzvah at the same time, go for it!

Happy art collecting!

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